God…Make Me an Atheist

I think there is much to be learned fom Atheism. We have all assumed that atheists simply deny the exsitence of “God”. But is that the truth? Is that the end of the story? Is that really all there is to it?Maybe the real reason atheism causes so much tension and strife in christian communities is that they are challenging. They are asking questions we’re uncomfortable with. They’re asking bigger questions than we are, question we’re not prepared to answer.Is it really “God” that they deny the existence of? Or is it the “God” that the church has exemplified? Do they reject the thought of an entity supreme and all knowing or is it the “God” that trandionalists and legalism have created and raised up like a brazen calf that they reject? After all the “God” that we profess is contradictory. We speak of his love, yet we judge. We talk of his grace and mercy, we proclaim his freedom and truth, yet we force feed obligatory doctrine and make theology the yard stick by which all are measured.Do they deny “God” or do they deny a god that is no longer applicable to our soceity and lives in the time in which we are in. If that’s the case…i want to be an atheist. I beg that i would deny the “God” of my preconceived notions. I long to reject the “God” that i have made him out to be. Let me put away all that my actions have proclaimed him to be and in the midst of my disbeleif truly find “God” himself, all that he really is and all that he has desired for me to so see and know of him. God…make me an aethist.


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