For the want of another term…

I feel the hindrance of the unheard
Spilt milk
Curdled in my prime
I cry
But without rhyme or reason
Betrayed at birth
Given to the worse
The evils of two lessers
The fork in the road
What’s behind door number two?
Afraid to ask
Afraid to find out
Just another consolation prize
Take your parting gift and go
Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s
I will whisper with the fragility of a dream teetering on the edge of a canyon
Lord I beg of you
Give me the strength to burn bright
Whether at the stake
Or by candle light
Your words are mine
Let the luminosity of your passing linger
I yearn to radiate beyond the fibers spun to veil
They cannot contain
May all bushels be set ablaze
But please


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