What’s the Difference Between God, the Devil, and a President?

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In two words….Absolutely Nothing!

All are fictious offices/positions of illusory and ineffectual power, each perpetuated to create a false sense of cosmic/social stability and order.

In the event that something goes right, we have someone to thank, praise, and worship.

In times of crisis, cautastrophe, distress, trauma, and turmoil, we have someone to blame and villainize or vilify.

In each case we are blindly reinquishing the responsibility of our collective ‘destinies’ to a symbolic marionette being puppeted by far more nefariously malevolent forces…


Published by duanetoops

Husband, father, fledgling Buddhist, struggling meditator, writer, and content creator. He has a BA in Religion, has taken the Precepts and Refuge vows in the TsaoTung Chan lineage, and is currently completing an MA in Humanities.

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  1. Damn!. I could not have said it any better. We tend to create images and ideas in our minds to try to make sense of the chaos around us . It also serves as ways to keep us from assuming responsibility and actually doing something about the problems we face (and we call them problems because they are not convenient in some level )

    1. Hi Noel,

      Thanks so much for your comments, they’re greatly appreciated! I like that you mention inconvenience as the determining factor of what constitutes a “problem”. This certainly seems to bring out our ‘irresponsible’ slothfulness. What’s interesting is that the human capacity for abstraction (symbolic meaning creation) has been a key tool/technology in our evolutionary survival but, our concretizing reliance upon these abstractions is leading to our demise.

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