“Standing in the Gap of God” – The Cutting Room Floor

I recently gave a talk at Riviera United Church of Christ and as always is the case, in preparation I had put together far more material than was necessary. I tend to cast the net wide and then commence the tedious task of dwindling down written material and resources. Much went unused, so in an effort to […]

“Standing in the Gap of God”

Last Sunday I had the tremendous pleasure and privilege to share some of my thoughts at Riviera United Church of Christ. I was given the opportunity to speak at both services in regards to the week’s Lectionary reading, Mark 9:2-9. Here I attempted to pick up on and emphasize the radicality of the Transfiguration narrative […]

Is Religion Part of the Problem?

The second entry in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary (2011) defines religion as “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.” While this is certainly a concise, applicable, and usable definition of religion, and though it is seemingly conducive to how the text has sought surmise the basic description and functionality of […]

Christian Consumerism

Annie Leonard makes clear in The Story of Stuff that “Our primary identity has become that of being consumers – not mothers, teachers, or farmers, but of consumers. We shop and shop and shop” (Leonard, Priggen, & Fox, 2007). Certainly today’s mass media, mass marketing, and mass producing endeavors of the supermarket and megastore have […]

The Economy of Justice…

In his book, T.A.Z., Hakim Bey describes the functionality of the strategic socio-political creation of temporary zones or spaces which defy all formalized and authoritative structuring. Bey calls these spaces, “Temporary Autonomous Zones,” or T.A.Z. for short. Here he suggests that the most effective way to create social relationships free from the influence of hierarchal […]

Nietzsche: An Affirmation of Life After the Death of God

What follows is an excerpt from a recent paper composed for an Undergraduate course in Religious Existentialism. I would just like to emphasize my status as an undergraduate student and one who is, to a large extent, philosophically inept and unlearned. With that being said, and now with the bar set bearably low, please read […]


I pour over pages not my own The words are the voice of another I sit silently And I have nothing to say Another book dated, annotated, and placed upon the shelf Keeping score of my inconsequential accomplishments And I have nothing to say My head, filled to the bursting My heart, brimming over with […]

For the want of another term…

I feel the hindrance of the unheard Spilt milk Curdled in my prime I cry But without rhyme or reason Betrayed at birth Given to the worse The evils of two lessers The fork in the road What’s behind door number two? Afraid to ask Afraid to find out Just another consolation prize Take your […]


A few months ago I found myself stationed in a leather backed chair sitting before an ornate wooden desk being given an audience with the occupier of that desk. I was in the study of a local pastor. I was rambling incessantly or more accurately pulling myself into a thousand different conversational directions as I […]