Christian Consumerism

Annie Leonard makes clear in The Story of Stuff that “Our primary identity has become that of being consumers – not mothers, teachers, or farmers, but of consumers. We shop and shop and shop” (Leonard, Priggen, & Fox, 2007). Certainly today’s mass media, mass marketing, and mass producing endeavors of the supermarket and megastore have […]

The Economy of Justice…

In his book, T.A.Z., Hakim Bey describes the functionality of the strategic socio-political creation of temporary zones or spaces which defy all formalized and authoritative structuring. Bey calls these spaces, “Temporary Autonomous Zones,” or T.A.Z. for short. Here he suggests that the most effective way to create social relationships free from the influence of hierarchal […]

For the want of another term…

I feel the hindrance of the unheard Spilt milk Curdled in my prime I cry But without rhyme or reason Betrayed at birth Given to the worse The evils of two lessers The fork in the road What’s behind door number two? Afraid to ask Afraid to find out Just another consolation prize Take your […]

Slide Sick Slide

Slide sick slide Your cylindrical eyes Psychically circling Your serpentine signs Smile sick smile In cyclical style Cynically sending The snake’s soil beguiled “Say it ain’t so” So young a sad soldier Fortune sent sailing When signing sin’s holder We are sons of saints and serial killers The sell out daughters of imperial pillars Silence […]

The Infomercials Never Sleep

The infomercials never sleep And rarely can I catch a wink Uncomfortable in the bed that is expecting Afraid to blink an eye I cross my Ts The world is changing Spinning upside down Feeding on the static I am handed my stomach is churning Is there nothing more? My demons are relentless Concepts of […]