A Prayer of Perhaps ( To the God I Don’t Believe In)

I pray to you…but, who is the “you” to whom I pray? Who are “you”? Perhaps I pray to no one that isn’t so hard to believe. Infinite pages could be filled by the desperate cries and the wounded words shouted to an empty sky. Perhaps I pray to myself, as I’m sure Feuerbach would […]

Matrix of Alienation…

This is the continuation of a previous post entitled “Arendt and Alienation.” It was written as part of a course in Modern & Postmodern philosophy. Enjoy! It seems to me that what Arendt problematizes is not so much that things have changed or that the world is different but, the way in which the world is different or perhaps how things have changed. As […]

Hannah Arendt and Alienation

In the realm of philosophy, and especially within modern and postmodern philosophy,much has been written regarding the concept of alienation. Indeed, this very idea of alienation has played a central role in the work of some of the most influential thinkers, thinkers that have played a predominating role not only in progressing the thought of […]