Questioning Religion?

In this video, as a pretty skeptical dude studying Zen, I try to talk about ‘religion’, what it is and what it means. Transcript Below! Enjoy! What is religion? Why do religions exist? What characteristically typifies religion? Every analytical study or examination of religion begins with such questions. Yet, in many ways, such questions implicitly, […]

Textual Reflexivity…

  This is the continuation of an earlier post (you can find it here), which was an excerpt from a short essay I wrote for a philosophy class discussing the work of Wilhelm Dilthey. Throughout much of the course we were asked to elaborate on our work and positions, this is one such short example. […]

In the Beginning: When Man Created God

I was recently participating in a class offering an introductory examination into the Hebrew Bible. In the second week of discussions the following question was posed: Discuss the possible reasoning and implications as to why God might have placed Old Testament Israel at that particular location and time in history for the growth of this […]