What’s the Difference Between God, the Devil, and a President?

In two words….Absolutely Nothing! All are fictious offices/positions of illusory and ineffectual power, each perpetuated to create a false sense of cosmic/social stability and order. In the event that something goes right, we have someone to thank, praise, and worship. In times of crisis, cautastrophe, distress, trauma, and turmoil, we have someone to blame and […]

Is Saturday Forgotten on Sunday?

  Holy Saturday is too often passed over far too quickly on the way to resurrection Sunday. It is a day that fully inhabits the death of God, a day that is utterly saturated with complete and total absence of the divine. If the cry from the cross marks the kenotic self-emptying moment in which […]

I Don’t Believe in God but, I Take Jesus Seriously

My wife says I’m confusing. I think she’s right. We both grew inundated by the wiles Christian fundamentalism. We both saw firsthand how “in a conservative society, social stability and order were considered more important than freedom of expression…such notions…could be socially disruptive and endanger the community” (Armstrong, 34). Needless to say we both walked […]