Montaigne & the Instability of the Self (Video)

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on the same topic and with the same title. It was a paper written for a graduate course, in which I attempted to highlight Montaigne’s ideas about the ‘Self’. Here, I just wanted to try and make a quick video providing an overview of the paper and […]

Montaigne & the Instability of the Self

Recently I’ve been taking a graduate course examining the writings and thinkers of the Renaissance. One such provocative writer and thinker examined was Michel de Montaigne. One of the things that I am struck by in Montaigne’s writings is the way in which he seems to view the ‘Self’. It seems to me that Montaigne’s […]

Suffering and the ‘Self’

As the title of the video suggests, I’m discussing Buddhist ideas of Suffering and the ‘Self’, or more specifically the illusion of the ‘Self’. What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula –… Waking up by Sam Harris –… The Self Illusion by Bruce Hood –… Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright […]