“Rambling About Emptiness”

In this video I share some thoughts about Robert Wright’s book “Why Buddhism is True”, specifically about the Buddhist concept of Emptiness. I also talk about Timothy Morton’s work, Object Oriented Ontology, and even Frankenstein. I hope you enjoy it! Links to Some of Robert Wright’s Books: Why Buddhism is True – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MPZNG63/… The Evolution […]

Ecology of the Incarnation: A/theology, Ecocriticism, and the Gospel

A few months ago was involved in a discussion in which I was being asked to explain my commitment to veganism/vegetarianism. Throughout the course of the conversation I focused primarily upon ecology but, peppered my dialogue with religious, or more specifically Christian symbols, rhetoric, and language. Although, I did my my undergrad in Religious Studies, […]

Ecofeminsim and the Act of Theoretical Praxis

I recently completed a philosophy course in Environmental Ethics. It was immensely insightful and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Below is a short essay I wrote in response to Janis Birkeland’s article “Ecofeminism: Linking Theory and Practice,” which was included in the book,¬†Ecofeminism: Animals, Women, Nature, addressing the relationship between theory and practice. I have attached […]